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18+older. We stopped smoking a week ago and we are gonna see how long it takes for dabs to get out of my system! I have been smoking and dabbing daily for years and we just stopped cold turkey! We are on random ua for the courts right now and we are going to do it right. I stopped immediately when the judge said I couldn’t smoke. Since then i have presented my weed card to the courts we will see what they say next. I dropped my first ua on Monday and when we get the results we will keep you posted. I will update this description or drop new comments as the info comes. How long do you think it’s going to take for the dabs to be out of my system? Drop your prediction in the comments. We will have smoking stunt doubles throughout this time and when I can smoke again we will do a countdown day by day until we get lit again! Follow me on my journey!! One week in and feeling good! So far it’s my eating and sleeping that is most affected by not smoking I don’t have an appetite like I used to and usually I am so stoned before bed. We are gonna collect weed and oils and have a major session when we can!!! Enjoy!!!



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