DYI Press - Make your own concentrate @ home !

18+older. Hemper box!! A monthly based subscription service for stoners! Build your collection from home and get supplies go help make it through the month!! This collaboration with hemper is so sick and I am happy to bring you guys some limited collectables! First thank you to Thai the artist who made the box and slap the King of Pot looks amazing!! The hydro ponics air freshener is an ode to the Seattle Supersonics and is a must have for any sports fan or PNW native. The filthy xl doob tube is a must for those long joints or bleezys. The box has two pieces of glass a sneak a toke, and the rig we designed the Puck 2.0! Hemper and I designed this piece to have lots of slits in the perc zero restriction and maximum diffusion! This piece you can hit really hard and fill your lungs fast and get baked! This piece is definitely a hitter designed by a big hitter! Try it! We take a look at all the stuff in the box and then break in our rid with a csneaks diamond! Enjoy!!!!

Check out the box here www.hemper.co/



Glass Screens Bulk! 100 for under 10

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