Originally on YouTube: I had the pleasure of reviewing an absolute classic. This is one of the first strains I was introduced to by name, and its origins date back to 1992 when Serious Seeds released it to the market.

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El Chapo OG is named after Mexican Kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

It’s a cross of SFV OG X Face Off OG, which is then crossed with a 90s phenotype of OG Kush. Originally bred in California by Boss Status Genetics.

This is an Indica strain (Afghanica) well-suited to the evenings, as it delivers a heavy stone.
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I’ve got my hands on some “Piece Water” last week for a review and have been testing it out over the weekend. This product claims to keep your bong clean for multiple hits, with user reporting good bowls even after 40 uses. As somebody who currently spends what feels like forever cleaning my bongs, I had to try this out.

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