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18+older. We have a Bee Nails retro native hive set! The set included a quartz banger and cap which I broke already, a trinity nail with ti, ceramic & quartz dish, ti nail, powerbox, 10ft cord, native incycler, dab mat, plus I got a cozy and some pins and shirts! Bee nails really took what I said to heart about the things I didn’t like because they fixed them and fixed them good! The short cord was something I didn’t care for last time and they sent me a 10 foot cord this time! Dabs all around the room now! The dish on the nail was shallow last time so if you wanted to do a huge dab some would spill over the edge and Bee Nails came through again with the new trinity nail and all three dishes are plenty deep for big globs. We take a look at the unit, put her together to heat up and take a few dabs! I break the quartz banger right in front of you so we set up the trinity! Bho to start, then some rosin, then some hash dipped in cbd crystals! The Native incycler diffuses and let’s me take these hits off a brand new nail without killing my lungs! Impressive! Excellent Review!!

Check out the Bee Nails Retro Native Hive Set and more at www.bee-nails.com/
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Find the Cbd crystals at www.empirewellness.com/



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