DYI Press - Make your own concentrate @ home !

21+older. We have a box of new glass from Headshopheadheadquarters to check out! First we open up a Grav labs straight tube. The piece has a an ice catch and functions with zero restriction until you put the bowl on. The bowl has a small hole so the draw is a little restricted and weed doesn’t snap easy but it still works! We load it with some Dutch treat from Green Collar Cannabis and break her in! After that we open up a beautiful clear Purr bubbler that is a very nice size! It fills my hand and watching the piece milk and clear is sick! The piece hits so smooth I just want to keep smoking when I hold it! Stoked about my new Purr bubbler. Finally we open up our first piece from Delta9. It looks like a smoking lamp! It has an inline to turbine perc with a bent neck. The chamber looks like a genie lamp! We bust down a dab of some headband butter sauce to finish this little session! Enjoy!!!

Check out Headshopheadheadquarters at www.headshopheadquarters.com/ use code 420 for 25% thru April!



Glass Screens Bulk! 100 for under 10

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